We would like to make it as easy as possible for you to create and operate your own Guests Guide. This documentation explains step by step every function and setting option of your Guests Guide.

Guests Guide offers you a white-label platform where you can compile all information relevant to your guest's stay, daily news and additional information in a compressed form. Always keep in mind that the Guests Guide is not meant to replace your website or to convince potential guests of your business. It is aimed exclusively at people who are already your guests or have planned a stay with you.

Always up to date

Digitize your guest brochures displayed in the rooms, always up to date and away with paper.

Web application

Without having to download anything, guests can do everything from their phone, tablet or laptop.


Engage with your guest online using your name, style and brand.

Dynamic feedback

A constructive approach during the stay prevents negative reviews after the fact.